The art of scenting your environment

Home is not a place, but a sensation and its aroma the personal stamp that you print and makes it unique. The aroma of your home allows you to connect with that special space for you and your family on an emotional and instinctive level creating unforgettable experiences, since smell is the sense most linked to memory and emotion. A scented home creates that cozy space atmosphere and is a simple way to add comfort and character. It’s also a great way to delight guests.

At Perfect Home Scent we are experts in the art of scenting your environment, developing fragrances based on perfume-quality essential oils and personalized ones that create an exclusive olfactory identity for your home.

Our diffusers use state-of-the-art technology of the flat line diffusion type in cold air that preserve the integrity of the essential oils and aromas throughout the diffusion process and also allow a continuous perception of the smell, that is, without peaks in intensity or moments of absence. The MICRO-MIST odor release system ensures precise and efficient diffusion, replacing the old diffusion processes through heat and evaporation that are affected by the temperature levels within the spaces.

Our equipment has a system that allows you, through an App on your smartphone, to choose the day, time and intensity, giving you total control to set your home.

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